Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ေကပီ K-P Natal ေဆာ့၀ဲ

ေကပီ K-P  Natal ေဆာ့၀ဲ

  • Both natal and horary(1-249) charts can be generated
  • Cuspal and planetary positions using New KP Ayanamsa
  • House Lord, Star Lord, Sub Lord and Sub-Sub Lord for each position
  • Standard KP Chart
  • Ruling planets
  • Both Vedic and Western Aspects (Customizable orb)
  • Conventional Significators
  • Four step helper
  • Dasas up to 2 levels
  • Rotate kundali facility
  • Report generating facility (PDF, TEXT and RTF formats)
  • Planetary Positions and Planetary Transits calculator

ေကပီ ေဗဒင္၀ါသနာရွင္မ်ားအတြက္ K-P  Natal ေဆာ့၀ဲ
ေဆာ့၀ဲမ်ားမ်ားတြက္ၾကည့္မွ ေဗဒင္၏သေဘာတရားကိုပိုမိုသိလာမည္

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